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I am a full-time and freelance book editor with nearly a decade’s experience in developmental editing, copy editing, stylistic/technical editing, proofreading, critiquing, and teaching writing.


I’m pleased to offer prospective clients:

• Expert, punctual service

• Clear and reliable communication between editor and author

• Thorough feedback

• Competitive pricing

• Personalized and flexible project arrangements

• Years of experience in the professional publishing world, writing in academia, literary magazine editing, and freelance editing and proofreading


Please feel free to check out some examples of projects I have worked on in my portfolio. I would love to hear from you if you think you have a project that I can creatively collaborate on or assist with! I’m always open to discussing ideas for new projects. Please contact me for pricing



A deeper exploration of your novel to ensure the overall story arc is cohesive, the characterization is compelling, and the narrative matches your conceptual vision for the book. It involves an in-depth appraisal of general elements including plot, world-building, characterization, setting/atmosphere, stakes, and pacing. This service includes an editorial letter that outlines key strengths and general areas for improvement, as well as notes in the margins of the manuscript addressing specific elements and scenes using the Comments function. After completion of the edit, I offer an optional one-hour phone or video call to address any questions.

For picture books or graphic novels, I am also able to review illustrations.


I offer both copyediting and proofreading services (as well as a package that contains both services) for a variety of manuscripts across genres. 


Upon reviewing your query letter, I can advise on steps you might need to take before sending it out to agents. Our goal is to have you make an outstanding first impression as you embark upon your publication journey! 



I offer both sensitivity/authenticity reads from a variety of lenses, as well as general beta reads. Both of these services include a comprehensive report, as well as in-line comments in the manuscript that focus on specific scenes, characters, or elements. 

For picture books or graphic novels, I am also able to review illustrations. 


I’ve enjoyed speaking on panels and about being an editor, and am open to bookings for events. I’m also hoping to write creatively more, and am open to writing commissions. 


If you’re not sure which service(s) would best suit your needs, I can help. Please fill out this contact form, or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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