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I am a professional book editor with nearly a decade of in-house trade and academic publishing experience. I have acquired and edited a variety of manuscripts and projects and have worked across picture books, poetry, MG and YA, graphic novels and comics, and adult novels. I gravitate towards stories with a strong voice and compelling characters, but some of my favorite genres to work on include science fiction and fantasy (SFF), horror, historical fiction and fantasy, mystery, and KidLit. 


In my free time, I like to keep in touch with market trends by exploring bookstores both locally and when I travel, and writing reviews for outlets such as BookPage , BookList, and Publishers Weekly. My TBR list is ever-growing, and I hope to add your project to it!

I am also extremely passionate about reflecting and advocating for diversity in publishing, and championing characters who underrepresented audiences can see themselves in. As such, I enjoy volunteering with organizations such as We Need Diverse Books, People of Color in Publishing, LatinX in Publishing, and Girls Write Now. One of my goals when I entered publishing was to make sure a diverse array of readers could see themselves in books – both on the cover designs and in the words on the page. The joy that I see readers experience when this happens keeps me energized to work with authors on unique projects close to their hearts. 


One of my favorite aspects of being an editor is that I get to help people share their stories with others. Whether you intend to pursue a traditional publishing track, self-publishing, or indie publishing, I enjoy getting to know the authors I work with and immerse myself in the stories they envision telling. I pride myself on being an energetic and reliable communicator and a good listener, and I am here to help you achieve your writing aspirations. I’m grateful to have worked with so many amazing authors on books that inspire readers, getting to learn from them about craft and imagination, and helping them bring their characters to life. 


I’m excited to hear from you about your project, and am looking forward to helping you embark upon that next chapter! 

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